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Artist Vision

Aliens. Ancient Cultures. World Religions. The Occult. Science. Math. Spirituality.
These are themes that inspire me to create. An avid reader since childhood, I have always sought to share the knowledge of the written word through pictorial representation. We are one people occupying a small planet in a vast universe. We are all interconnected, sharing a common past, present and future. Though we speak many different languages, our collective consciousness is spoken to through symbol. While conducting research for a piece, I look for the commonalities between seemingly unrelated or juxtaposed subjects. I illuminate the interconnections found by creating images; incorporating motifs from varied cultures and ages. My work is an attempt to communicate directly with the flame in each individual, inviting it to burn brighter. There is so much that we know, but so much more that we have forgotten we know. Each person is a vessel of ancient wisdom and universal potential. The planet is entering a new cycle in which we each have the option to advance the global conscious awakening or ignore it. I hope to be part of the awakening.