Together - Commemorative Screenprint


Together - Commemorative Screenprint

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Pre-sale pricing from January 20 until January 23. 

16.75" x 24" 5 color screenprint

Editions based on presale numbers but Gold will cap at 300 and Red/White/Blue on Pearlized Metallic paper will cap at 50.

All net profits from the sale of this print will benefit women and girls escaping from sexual slavery.

The organizations receiving these donations are:  and


We as women are asked repeatedly to carry the weight of multiple personalities and stories at once. The Virgin. The Mother. The Hearth. The Worker. To ever be a woman, we must have multiple aspects to our personality and talents beyond human. This work, The Every Woman, speaks to just that. Heavy in symbolism, artist, Erin Cadigan, reached to multicultural and national imagery to tell the sacred narrative of the Every Woman.

Our central figure is dressed as the Statue of Liberty and holds her torch both symbolizing the warm welcoming of immigrants and the light of safe harbor from all violence, particularly against women and children. Uneven and falling coins stacked in her hand remind us of our multiple wage gaps and broken chains directly acknowledge our history of slavery and the modern day sex trade. A nursing infant speaks to creation, nurturing, the rise of consciousness that starts at home, and more literally, the right to feed our children in public. Other symbols engage women’s relationships to education, lgbtqia rights, freedom, justice, peace and victory.

She sits in calmly in a universe of possibilities and prohibitions, managing multiple tasks with grace, determination and fight. She is steady and glowing. She is wise and grounded. She is not alone. She is every woman.

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