The Haiti Poster Project

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As we all know Haiti was basically destroyed by a massive earthquake on Jan. 12, 2010; a country seemingly incapable of surviving a disaster of this magnitude. As the months have gone by though a funny thing has happened. The world has watched while the true spirit of Haiti has risen out of the darkness. Amid the outpouring of aid the Haitian people have repeatedly been photographed smiling, dancing and helping each other. Obviously much still needs to be done and help will continue to be needed from outside sources but I think the true source of what is going to get Haiti back on her feet has been shown in those photographs. It is the indomitable spirit of the Haitians, the ability to smile in the face of destruction that in the end will recreate their country; stronger then before.

To try to do my part I have created a limited edition poster for THE HAITI POSTER PROJECT ( ). THE HAITI POSTER PROJECT was launched three days after the January 12th, 2010 earthquake in Haiti. The project is a collaborative effort by the design community to help effect change through our work. Signed and numbered, limited edition posters have been donated by designers and artists from around the world. All money raised will be donated to Doctors Without Borders. This brilliant idea was started by Leif Steiner and Josh Higgins, who have previously organized the HURRICANE POSTER PROJECT for Katrina victims in 2005 and the 2007 SO-CAL FIRE POSTER PROJECT, respectively.

The final print fresh out of the box!

Below you can see some of my process getting to the final image. My original idea was to have a whole family on the ruins waving the Haitian flag. This idea was okay but I felt maybe not so “erin-ish”. Eventually I grabbed the face of the mother and youngest child and put them in a new composition incorporating the imagery of serpents and rainbows, a nod to the age old religion of voodoo and the Haitian peoples strong ties to the spirit world. This is a stronger composition and also acknowledges the many people lost to the spirit world during this tragedy. The printers at Half and Half studios ( )did a beautiful job printing these. The final is a 18″x24″ , 4 color print. The edition is 50 S/N and will be available here : . Please go to the site and buy a poster. It doesn’t have to be mine!

first sketch idea Haiti

Sketch book work

First idea for haiti donation poster

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